1. Broken Heart by Edgar De Leon
  2. From Darkness  To Light by Jose Vasquez
  3. Second Chance by Shamarla Christie
  4. My Birth Story by Melanie Ramdeen 
  5. Life Can Take A U-Turn by Zarmin Gull
  6. The Uncertainty Of Life by Saamia Khalid 
  7. The Rise by Clara Melone
  8. A Mother's Worst Nightmare by Jennifer Crane 
  9. The Dark Room by Xzaney Xzale
  10. Finding God by Camille Basa
  11. Life Story by Mushak Khan
  12. The Night I Got Saved by Joshep Wayne Freeman
  13. Wilma's Testimony by Wilma Sheila Freund
  14. Healing Autoimmune Naturally by Marsha Schults
  15. How Jesus Found Me by Anonymous

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