1. Brokenhearted by Edgar De Leon
  2. From Darkness  To Light by Jose Vasquez
  3. Second Chance by Shamarla Christie
  4. My Birth Story by Melanie Ramdeen 
  5. Life Can Take A U-Turn by Zarmin Gull
  6. The Uncertainty Of Life by Saamia Khalid 
  7. The Rise by Clara Melone
  8. A Mother's Worst Nightmare by Jennifer Crane 
  9. The Dark Room by Xzaney Xzale
  10. Finding God by Camille Basa
  11. Life Story by Mushak Khan
  12. The Night I Got Saved by Joshep Wayne Freeman
  13. Wilma's Testimony by Wilma Sheila Freund
  14. Healing Autoimmune Naturally by Marsha Schults
  15. How Jesus Found Me by Anonymous