Wilma's Testimony

Real Life Story 

Wilma's Testimony

by Wilma/Sheila Freund

Wilmas testimony

I was baptized Roman Catholic at 10 days of age. I grew up in the Catholic church but never fit in at church or school. I was outright rejected. By high school I knew I would one day leave Catholicism.

When I married in 1992, I left Catholicism and joined a Methodist church. I attended from 1985 thru one fourth of 1995. I was never happy thee as the sermons were ear ticklers and one pastor admitted that God told him that God approved of abortion. This was 1994. And that day, the Methodists lost me. I don't approve of Liberal churches.

I had a conversation with a long time friend and he told me about his church. So on Easter 1995 I took the kids and went to his church. A Holiness church. I knew that first service I had found my church home. No ear tickling sermons and they followed the Bible prescribed way of dress.

On July 9, 1995 I made the altar call and gave my heart to Jesus. Immediately I was blessed with the gifts of answered prayer and words of encouragement. I began to see answers to my prayers.

In 2007, my kids dad came over and got our daughter to spend the night saying the doctor had told him to go home and prepare to die that night. A quintuple bypass was scheduled. On the day of surgery my ex was in pre-op; he was told that he had 1% chance of surviving surgery. I knew my God is bigger than heart issues! When they wheeled my ex to the o.R. suite, I told him I would see him post op. I then went to the waiting area and began praying. I prayed the entire 8 1/2 hours he was on the operating table.  My Ex survived the surgery! The doctors were amazed and stopped short of calling his survival a miracle.

A short time later, my daughter in law was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 16. They did several surgeries but the tumor kept returning. They had declared her terminal and she entered hospice and told she had just weeks to live. I called a prayer chain at church and went to prayer for Britany. Within a short time, her tumor vanished. And has never returned.

In 2008, I moved to a senior and handicapped complex. Jesus put a neighbor in my life who needed much help. I was with him the night he hit bottom and he crashed hard. I went to my apartment after getting him settled in to bed and went to prayer. Jesus told me that I could help Don. I hesitated a few seconds in disbelief that Jesus said that. Holy Spirit reminded me to have faith. So I told Jesus that I couldn't do it without His help; and I took the leap of faith. Don was an alcoholic. I went to prayer in mustard seed faith. I prayed fervently night and day. I was believing Jesus for a complete cure; no wagon to fall off of; no desire for alcohol. Nothing.

I began praying in April 2009 to January 11, 2012. Don took his usual nightcap the night of January 11 and got very ill, which was unusual for him. The nurse in me took over observation. I saw Don change (over a 24 hour period) color from normal to ashen gray to jaundiced yellow to pure white and very feverish to normal coloring and the fever broke.  Since January 12, 2012 at 7 pm, Don has been alcohol free.

Don, from childhood, suffered mental and physical abuse and stopped mentally thriving at the age of three. With fervent prayer and Jesus' help. Don has grown and matured as he should have many years ago.

About three years ago, I fell and banged up my knee, broke my femur and dislocated my hip. My knee is healing with herbal salves. My femur healed in about 6 weeks. But my hip didn't heal. I walked for a year with the dislocated hip until it began affecting my back. I stayed up one night and for hours, I paced the floor and prayed then I prayed more. As I paced and prayed, Jesus spoke to Don in a dream and told him to have me lay on the floor in the morning when we got up. And Don was to touch my ankles with his hands.  Don wasn't sure what was happening, but I knew Jesus was about to answer my prayer and I quickly lay on the floor.  So in the morning Don told me about the dream. I laid down on the floor and Don touched my ankles. Jesus caused me to enter a euphoric state, and he snapped my hip into place. He then lifted the Euphoria. Don asked me if I felt a snap. I said no. I then told Don about the 4 hours of prayer the night before. I explained that Jesus used Don's hands in place of Jesus' hands to relocate my hip. Don was blown away the rest of the day.
When the Pandemic began, Jesus told us through Watchmen to pray Psalm 91 over us and our families so often we had it memorized against the virus. I did so, and Jesus has kept my family and extended family all Covid 19 free. My son in Law was exposed and never got it. THANK YOU JESUS!

And that is my testimony!

God bless.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever heard God's voice before? Share your thoughts on the comments below.


  1. Amazing testimony to the power of God and prayer. Hope you are all well :)

    All the best, Michelle


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