The Dark Room

Real Life Story 

The Dark Room

by Xzaney Xzale

The dark room

It was 2016, at 1:23am as I was beginning to sleep as normally I thought I would be dreaming of whatever happens. In my sleep I began to fall out of control, I kept continuing to fall and fall until suddenly I hit the bottom not knowing where I was. Around me was darkness, it was beyond pitch black. I heard screaming of people, they were screaming like no breath to stop. At first I thought they were cheering for joy but instead they were screaming in pain & horror, agony hoping it will come to a end. I tried everything I possibly could to wake myself up from this nightmare or dream or vision whatever it may be. I had no clothes on me, my strength in my entire body was literally drained from me, I had no energy. The place smelled rotten and I kept hearing some evil laughs, I tried to stand on my two feet but I couldn't move. When I did try to move I would move just so much it was like i was being held down or something was sitting on me.

 As I began to wonder exactly where I was, I began to feel terror. I was afraid, scared and I was alone. I could not ask for help and those people that were there, I could not help them or they could not help me. I tried to say God's name and Jesus's name but I couldn't say them. It's like it was taken from my mind like I did not know him or had any sort of connection. After I began to pray and when I did this white light had appeared over me like I was in a spot light, anyway as I prayed I asked if there was a way for me to get out of this horrible place. After I prayed I felt myself lift up like I was floating upward towards this bright light. As I reached up to this white light I have awoken up from this dream or nightmare. I stayed up for 2 to 3hrs after the horrifying experience. 

Even then, at that moment when u wake up from a dream such nightmares or anything you wish to not fall back asleep because you are afraid you might fall right back in to it. After all that happened I prayed before I went back to bed.

Suddenly, again I fell right back into it again but this time it was different. I was in a cage or some sort of cell but I see these creatures that were bigger then a timber wolf or dog, these things tried to torture or attack me or wanted to but they couldn't. A few moments after those creatures had moved away, something else had caught their attention. The cage I was in or cell, it was like I was chained to a wall or brick stone, at a distance I can see some figure big n tall but I couldn't see what they were but they were huge or gigantic, some were small n when they move,  it felt like I was stuck like I couldnt move away from them. This time I could say God's name n Jesus's name but everytime I said their name these things or shadows would back away from me. 

By the moment I got there I wanted to leave I was so terrified. Seeing people at a distance being tortured or being persecuted, beaten, it was like they were not bleeding at all, no blood was spilling from them. Anyway these creatures or whatever they are they will literally hurt you. I prayed and I begged God to get me out of this place and I just wanted to be free. When I prayed I felt this light shine upon me and someone dressed in all white had pulled me up and lifted me out of that place. When this person had lifted me up from that place it was like a dark black hole. I couldn't see this person of who that carried me, but they carried me like I was a baby. The feeling of being around this person was beyond beautiful beyond grateful their vibe and energy was so calm, so loving, so peaceful, you wouldn't want to leave them.

All of this I had experienced and let me tell you, this is what you dont ever want to experience. There is NO WAY OUT of that dark place.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever experienced something like this before? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

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  1. Looks like sleep paralzyed, but I think it was different. Sometimes I have a dream like this but it is worse than your dream. It's so scary and you just think you don't want to sleep because of that dream.

    1. How often do you have these kind of dreams? Have one of those dreams changed the way you see life?


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