FINDING GOD by Camille Basa

Finding God
I come from a country which was colonized for 300 years influenced by Spanish culture and faith. And I was born at a time when there was a need to challenge traditional faith and seek deeper. My parents were restless, wanting answers. They joined a minor cult and dabbled in Buddhism. The journey ended when a neighbor invited them to a home based prayer meeting. God’s love came alive as the leader explained the need for Jesus’ life and death in order to give us a way back to God and salvation unto eternal life. Having encountered different faiths through my parent’s journey, I held mine lightly but at 18, I began to journey with God when I asked Him “I want to know you” on a mountain top in Korea. 

New Found Faith
The challenge I had as a new believer was to encounter God’s love & ways not through the lenses of doctrine or Christian culture but to organically ‘allow’ God to take me where only strengthening faith would allow. 16 plus years of marketing & brand experience has helped me navigate a world of many voices. It is a world where hurt lives expressed in fights for religious expressions, gender identities & the need to be understood. His grace has led me to connect with seekers. From a marketer’s perspective and on cue by the Holy Spirit, I am able to share with them how I revisited God & continuously find my identity in Christ. I encourage them to re-encounter God, not based on how the world has branded Him but to deep dive into all that He is. 

Ministry Position and Reality Check
After a long stint at a corporate job, quickly burning out, I cried out to God to give me the 
desire of my heart. I wanted to give some of the best years of life to Him. I was wide open to do something in Music or the Ministry. God led me to a Managing Director position at a 30 plus year old ministry organization operating 52 Christian book & supply retail stores nationwide. Having done a business review, realizing the years of neglect and downsides of functioning ‘the Christian way’, I could see the challenge ahead would be daunting. Just as I embarked on the biggest change management campaign, ministry wide, God redirects my steps. I was broken and disappointed. I thought I was the one to carry the vision to full term. I felt like God did not trust me. I felt like I was not enough, I was not worthy. Recalling vividly, while at my cousin’s wedding in upstate New York, I sat under a tree and finally mustered some words towards God, “Lord, what was that?” In an instant He revealed, although I was all heart and willingness, I had yet to learn the lesson of faith and submission and attending to God every step of the way, not running ahead. 

My Eye opening Expat Experience 
After the ministry stint, I had a chance to further develop my Business Strategy and Communication Skills, when I joined an organization in Singapore. I was also invited to serve in the Music Ministry at my home church. There I found my voice and gained confidence to worship God with the sound that He has given. My work was ridden with backstabbing, politics and jockeying for praise and position. For some reason, I did not feel as affected as I had during the ministry position. It seems God had grounded me deeper in Him, teaching me to find all my confidence and security in Him.

Faith walking back to my home country and into Real Estate
After a few years in a regional position, God closed that door and sent me back to my home country. I was disheartened. This was not my plan. I still managed a work assignment traversing back and forth to Singapore. In the Philippines, I help with the Prayer Ministry of a Messianic Community. Years later, mega typhoons encouraged us to go on mission outreaches to communities in Tacloban, Davao and Cebu. At this time, God allowed me to encounter His Torah by looking at the first five (5) books of His Word with fresh eyes. I co-authored a daily devotional on the book of Genesis (Breisheet), called Parasha Minute and pursued limited distribution on the YouVersion App. Around this time, God led me to consider the Real Estate practice, following in my parents’ steps. With much prayer and confirmation, I tackled the boards securing my license. I have been practicing these past 4 years and again God would show me the wonders of His ways and His wisdom in Business and in the Real Estate Industry.

Worshiping Loud and Navigating Covid
Prior to the Covid Outbreak, God was inviting me into deeper worship and soaking. When the lockdowns began to happen, instinctively I found joy in singing praise and worship on a karaoke app. I put our Parasha Minute Genesis material onto a podcast entitled, Daily Parsha. Available on apple, spotify, google play and where podcasts are distributed. While learning to still myself and bake good bread, God led my heart to join the Kingdom Music Academy to do Praise & Worship Songwriting. This has been a source of normalcy and inspiration for me as I navigate the uncertainties of the future with Covid. It might be 2-3 years living with Covid, but God has constantly assured me ‘the righteous will never beg for bread’ and to ‘speak to your rock and from it will gush water’ and to ‘fear not’. As a result of Covid, I have been able to connect deeply with ladies who search for the true Light and the one true Spirit. They now lead our group in topical Bible Study and the insights from these ladies make my heart full. They remind me of my first love and bigness of faith when I started on that mountain top in Korea. What’s changed now is more fruit of the Spirit, more tapping into the Gifts, and more faith to step out in the Spirit and experience real life.

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  1. It is wonderful! It is a true story and she wrote her story really well. I visited your blog as well, it is interesting.


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