The uncertainty of life
The story begins about two months ago. I was watching some video clips from YouTube. It was fun and engaging. I was too involved to bother that my mother had called my name twice when suddenly the screen in front of me disappeared. The bulbs were on and the room was well lit. But I couldn't see anything. I thought my eyes might got shut. I stretched them with my fingers but in vain. I COULD SEE NOTHING. I tried to stand up from the chair. I did but I was unable to stand on my feet. I felt like falling to the ground.

"Mama... Mama..." , I don't remember if I have ever shouted like that before in my entire life.

"What happened?" She came near to me from the kitchen.

“Mama… Are you there? " I heard her but did not see her.

She found me holding the corridor wall, starring aimlessly. (She told me this later.)

"Yes, darling. I am here" , her voice echoed.

"I can't see anything." , I screamed.

"Sit down, sweetheart. Sit here. ", I could feel her voice a bit shaking.

I didn't sit. Because I didn't know where to sit. There was just a cave of darkness. I knew where the chair was in the living room but I couldn't gather strength to reach there. I don't know how I hit something, though my eyes were still wide open, without me being able to see anything. (again, my mother told me this later).

"Darling... Here! ", She supported my body with her hands to help me sit on the chair.

Someone made me drink a sip of water. I tried to hold the glass as it touched my lips but I didn't see it. I had kept my eyes open through all this but there were dark shades of nothingness. At that very moment, I came to the conclusion that I have gone blind. I totally forgot about my phone, the video and everything else. My heart screeched. The desire to live just vanished at that time. It was terrible. I didn't know what to do with my life anymore.

I listened my mom saying; "You'll be totally fine in a couple of seconds, don't worry."

And then, within 5 minutes, I regained my senses. THANK GOD, I COULD SEE NOW. My mother told my blood pressure had drastically fallen due to which I almost got collapsed. Those 3-4 minutes were tragically frightening. I had not been so scared before. Maybe because I had never given this even a thought before.

What would I do if I lose my eyesight one day? How would I be able to walk without falling? How would I see the faces of my people? How would I even use this phone and type a text?

I don't want to think about it now, either. Me thinking this is terrible. Maybe the whole world is just a blink away from being terrible. Maybe the only thing that's certain about life is how uncertain it is.

What do you think about this story? What would you do? Share your thoughts on the comments below.


  1. This is a very enjoyable and well articulated piece of writing, looking forward to read more of you. Also i am thinking of writing something similar at my own website Please do check it out as well.

    1. Thanks! This is a real story and there are more stories here on this blog. Will check out your site.


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