THE RISE by Clara Melone

The rise
Every rise has a fall, but when we are a struggling dog, the fall reaches its destination, the rise.’’

I am a Muslim girl and my real name is Maham Khan but, now my acquaintance is with Clara Melone. You may be wondering why I changed my name.

Today I want to tell you my story…….  
I went to school at the age of 6 when my mother passed away. I do not belong to any rich family, my father has a small cloth shop. My father was very upset because of me, so he thought that if he got remarried, his second wife would take care of me, so he got married. My stepmother was not very strict but she did not love me. I have 2 stepbrothers, they are twins and they love me a lot. I then enrolled in pre-medical. It all happened because of my brothers. They convinced my stepmother to let me take admission in pre- medical. I got good marks in pre-medical. My mother wanted me to become a doctor, which is why I developed a passion to be a doctor. Unfortunately, I don't have a doctor's degree today. My stepmom didn't want me to become a doctor. My stepmother wanted me to just serve them and don’t get a good education and become a doctor. She wanted to take me away from my  father. 

When I wanted to take the medical admission test, my stepmother found out that I was working very hard and I would get it. So she said to my father, "Where are we going to get so much money from? We don't even have enough money to get admission for her in the medical college. I also have children. Isn't education necessary for them?". My father replied "they need education to be successful in the future just like my daughter wants. If she wants to become a doctor, then what’s your problem?"
 "If your daughter is more important to you, then I and the children will leave home" my stepmom said to my dad.

After this fight, I thought I would take back my decision. I love my stepbrothers very much.
One day my principal called me when she found out that I had not taken the test. She asked me why I did not take the medical test. 

I told her that my family did not want me to become a doctor. So, now I have given up my intention of becoming a doctor. Now I have no choice but to go. I would go into depression. I just want to die but death comes only on time because, "I lost my mother's dream". That's why people used to call me crazy. These conditions were very panicky. My friends were admitted to the medical college and today they all are successful doctors. I don’t contact them because when I see them I get depressed. Then I realized that we didn't necessarily get what we want in life. 
As time goes on, I will get more depressed.

‘‘Hardwork is a requirement but opportunity is important but the most important thing is to have good fortune. I have both hard work and opportunity but didn't have the good fortune’’

Time flies and 2 years pass in my depression.
When my father thought that I was not recovering, he told me that it was true that he was not doing well, but he did not know how to do it. I don't know who advised  my father to get my admission to the university. 

One day my father suddenly came to me and told me to start packing. I got scared, my father smiled and told me "I had admitted you in an apartment but for now you will stay in the hotel, so pack quickly you have to go to the hotel today". I was very surprised to hear this. God has given me one more chance to do something in life. I was in a condition that I didn't understand anything, just tears were flowing from my eyes. Then I would shift to a hotel and the next day was my first day at university.

There, I met a Christian teacher, Adley, who was very kind to me. When Adley took our class for the first time, she didn't know my name, she called me Clara!!! for the first time. I don’t know why? From that day on, everyone called me Clara.After the second semester was completed, I had to pay the fee. I did not have the money and I received a letter from the university stating that if I do not pay the fee, I will have to leave the next day, I will be expelled from university. I was helpless; I didn't know what to do. I can't even tell my father that he has just paid my brother's fee these days and now he may not have the money for mine. So I thought to myself, maybe Adley will help me. So, I must do this. She said, "I don't want you to get spelled from the university, my Clara. Trust me." The teacher paid my fee to the university and saved me from being expelled. It was my first and last notice, so I didn't get any more notices. She suggested that I get freelancer training. Today, I have become a botanist and freelancer because of my teacher. 

I introduce myself as Clara, because of Adley, who is the backbone of my success and called me Clara in the first class  at university . Despite the fact our religions were different, she always helped me whenever I'm alone and helpless.

Now my teacher has hired me for  research work and I have joined a subject specialist class for the second time. It is now pending because of Covid-19 but now I am working as a freelancer. ‘‘Thanks Adley for doing everything for me’’.

One of my brothers is in the Army Academy while the other is in a medical college. Now that we have settled down, my stepmother's behavior has improved, she has apologized to me and I have forgiven her.

‘‘When you look to your heart you are so much more than you know if you are good and right you can change the world’’ 

What do you think about this story? Would you be able to rise up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Thanked God you have an opportunity to become a doctor. God places people around us for guidance, we just have to ask for help. You are a strong girl, God has big plans for you. Don't give up! Even when your own family don't support you, you have friends that are willing to help you. Keep pushing forward!!


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