SECOND CHANCE by Shamarla Christie

Second Chance
I am a stay home mom at the moment. My husband is working the night shift, so he usually sleeps in the mornings. We have a 20 month baby, our first baby for me and my husband. Everything is new to us as parents. I always tell my husband that we have to spend as much time as we can with the baby so whenever my husband wakes up, he tries to spend some time with the baby while I cook. Then he goes to work and I stay home with the baby.

On this day, it was a regular normal day. My husband slept during the morning, I cooked while the dad and baby had their time together. By the time I was done cooking the baby was sleepy, so I put the baby to sleep and my husband took off for work. Now I have some time for myself. I relaxed on the couch to watch TV. After one hour or so, the baby woke up hungry. I put the baby on his chair so I can feed him. After feeding the baby, we started to play. Running around the house, chasing him and he was chasing me. Jumping around, singing, playing peek a boo. We were having a great time. After a while playing, I got tired, so I decided to sit on the couch while the baby was on my lap. We were laughing and everything but then all of a sudden, I felt weird. While I was looking at my baby on my lap, my vision started to go away. I started to black out. Then the next thing I know, I'm surrounded by blackness. Everywhere I looked it was pitch black. I didn't know where I was or what had happened to me. I was confused, disoriented and scared at the same time. But then, I saw a little white dot, it seemed like some type of light coming through a hole. I'm praying and all I can think of is about my baby. How can I leave my baby alone? He is by himself, alone in the house. His dad is working and he is not coming home soon. Am I dead? I'm not ready to die. I can't leave my baby. God, I'm not ready to die. Please let me go back to my son. I was getting closer to the light, which seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger. I was scared, I had no idea what it was. 

When I got to the light, I saw my baby in front of me. I saw him crying, he looked confused, scared. I will never forget the look on his face. I grabbed him and squeezed him so hard. But I was feeling dizzy, the room was spinning. So I got up to reach for my cell phone, since it was charging. I called my husband and told him "I don't feel good. I feel dizzy and the room is spinning. You need to come home, NOW!!" I was crying and scared. After I hung up, I called 911 right away. The paramedics came, checked me out and when they were about to take me to the hospital, my husband came back home. So I told him to stay home with the baby. While in the hospital, they did all kinds of tests on me, and thanked God all of them came out negative. I had nothing and they couldn't explain what had just happened to me. There was no explanation for it. I was discharged the same night. My husband came to pick me up and we both went home.

Up until this day, I don't know what was that about, what triggered it, nothing. All I know is that we don't know when is our time to go. You could be healthy one day, and gone the next day. It is a scary feeling. Only God knows when is your time. I'm thankful to be here with my family everyday and I won't take anything for granted. 

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all".
1 John 1:5

What do you think about this story? Do you think she actually saw a light at the end of a tunnel? Share your thoughts on the comments below.


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