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Bebita Ndongo Macias her story

Bebita Ndongo Macias, also known by her pen name I.W.Fredd, is an actress, author, cosplayer, dancer, model, pageant girl, singer and songwriter from La Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial. Bebita :    I was born in Madrid, Spain. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in the U.S. My parents were involved in the entertainment industry in Spain, so that's how my siblings and I got our start in the industry. Once I got old enough, I kind of just branched out on my own, and started in the entertainment industry in 2017 officially. Since then, I've just done a different variation of commercials. I've done films, short films, TV shows, like somethings that are notable. I guess so far it would be "Caso Cerrado". I was in the new action thriller "Echo Boomers". I've done different commercials, like Mountain Dew, GameStop, stuff like that and that's just basically what I'm still doing today. What is the story that changed your life? Bebita: The story that chan
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I grew up in a home of dysfunction, yelling and screaming. My dad was an alcoholic, not knowing how to deal with his anger and pain. He drank to escape. My mom had a lot of fears, some towards men.  And didn't want to be alone. How I felt and thought about myself was similar.  Kids learn by example,  it showed up in my relationships with men also.  Looking for love in all the wrong places so the song goes.  Allowing men to use and abuse me because I didn't know any better and thought that was what I deserved.  Didn't have a good self worth, a healthy one anyway.   I grew up in church and believed there was a God but didn't KNOW HIM.  Now I know I wasn't born again. I only knew a religion, not a relationship with God. I was at rock bottom and started to turn to my Bible,  reaching out to God the best way I knew how. God started to reach me in the hell I was in.  I opened my Bible in my bedroom and mentioned it to God. I can't do this!  I felt like HIS word was to


The old me was chronically ill for seven years. I had fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, CFS, IBS, depression and anxiety, insomnia, bladder intolerance, blurry vision, systemic chronic pain, eczema, all over trembling, an involuntary tic in my neck and I could hardly string a sentence together.  I had tried everything in my power to heal naturally but on the way, I needed support and before I knew it, I was on anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamine, steroids, sleep & pain medication. I’d spent over twenty thousand dollars over 10 years with alternative therapists including homeopathy, osteopathy, kinesiology, naturopathy, psychotherapy, massage, oils, chiropractors, B12 Injections, psychology, hypnotherapy, musculoskeletal therapy, nutritional therapy, physiotherapy and more…. I can’t remember how many times I changed diets…   My memory and cognitive function was failing. My doctor offered medical retirement (disability pension) and I secretly longed for a wheeli

WILMA'S TESTIMONY by Wilma/Sheila Freund

I was baptized Roman Catholic at 10 days of age. I grew up in the Catholic church but never fit in at church or school. I was outright rejected. By high school I knew I would one day leave Catholicism. When I married in 1992, I left Catholicism and joined a Methodist church. I attended from 1985 thru one fourth of 1995. I was never happy thee as the sermons were ear ticklers and one pastor admitted that God told him that God approved of abortion. This was 1994. And that day, the Methodists lost me. I don't approve of Liberal churches. I had a conversation with a long time friend and he told me about his church. So on Easter 1995 I took the kids and went to his church. A Holiness church. I knew that first service I had found my church home. No ear tickling sermons and they followed the Bible prescribed way of dress. On July 9, 1995 I made the altar call and gave my heart to Jesus. Immediately I was blessed with the gifts of answered prayer and words of encouragement. I began t

THE NIGHT I GOT SAVED by Joseph Wayne Freeman

The night I got saved I was in a bar, the Kozy Keg in Baton Rouge La. I had gone out there & started my weekend out getting drunk for years. I got there early & went in with the owner & his head barmaid to do setups. I went down to the far end of the bar where I could watch the front door to see if any of my enemies were coming in. I had a lot of them then. This was the first & last time I ever heard God speak in an audible voice. a quiet voice behind me in the corner said, "Get up & leave now". I jumped up ready to fight; but there was nobody there. I headed for the front door quickly. My right hand man was coming in & he told me, "What's wrong with you LOBO. You're white as a sheet". I told him, "I don't want to talk about it. I just want to get the hell out of here". I went home; but I couldn't sleep; so I drove down to the lake by the state capitol & wrestled with God for 7 hours before I got rid of all o